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When I was first studying psychology, almost 40 years ago, people used to ask me, "You're a psychologist, does that mean you can read my mind?"

People have got a bit more sophisticated since then. No one asks me if can read their mind any more... mind you, I know they still think it...

After 40+ years working in Health and Welfare I'm proud to say I'm still in the field, and still up to my ankles in manure. I'm also pretty much an eternal student and have learned a great deal about how little we know. The depth of my own ignorance becomes more and more profound each year.

I have several special interests:

Family violence generally has been an interest for 30+ years. I got interested in an unusual way, as a volunteer for a "Battered Womens Refuge". I have counselling hundreds of both victims and abusers of all ages.  I've long been interested in the effects of DV on children and have written and taught on this. I have been running menís behaviour change groups for the past 16 years.

Violence to parents from children and young people is a particular specialism.  I have studied, written and taught extensively on this topic and have collected data on a clinical sample of almost 500 families.  I counsel both the aggressive young people and their parents.  I have developed a group program for parents called Whoís in Charge? which is now being used inter-state and internationally (though I"ve never had the time to actually promote it). I've been referred to in the media as "Australia's foremost expert on violence to parents". It's easy to be a big fish in such a tiny pond!

I've also been interested in intellectual disability and autism for 30+ years.  I don't do formal assessments but counsel many youth and adults with mild intellectual disability or Aspergerís syndrome.   I have worked with a number of families where one or both parents have an intellectual disabilitiy.

I have worked with well over 1,000 children and young people about behaviour, emotional and relationship difficulties.  I generally see children from age 8 up.

My counselling style is relaxed and flexible.  I use elements of solution focussed approaches and cognitive behaviour therapy plus hypnotherapy if appropriate.  I am not a psychotherapist and guarantee no couches, dream analysis or exploration of unreliable early memories.  Counselling is usually short term and there is no need to commit to more than one session.  If you do not make progress in the first six sessions then I would expect you to find another counselor or another way of dealing with your problems.

I use hypnosis with a small percentage of my clients, mainly for relaxation. I do not EVER use hypnosis for any sort of memory recovery as this is highly unreliable (and hence dangerous).


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I live in Mebourne, Australia. I am available for training, supervision, or consultations. I am now (2017) semi-retired and only taking new counselling cases if they involve violence to parents.  I am in Pakenham on Thursdays and at Headspace, Knox on Tuesday p.m.

Most people get a Mental Health Care plan from their GP and receive 85% of the cost back from Medicare (book a double appointment with your doctor). I can bulk bill in exceptional circumstnaces.

03 9016 0156
Fax: 8738 7287

0423 868 868 (or click on e-mail link above)

I've delivered training on a wide variety of topics, such as:

  • solution/ strength based approaches
  • intellectual disability
  • children's violence to parents
  • effects of D.V. on children
  • working with aggressive youth and children
  • working with abusive men
  • separation and divorce
  • intensive work with families
  • family violence
  • parents with an intellectual disability
  • ethnically sensitive practice

I have run groups on many topics, e.g.:

  • abused parents (Who's in Charge?)
  • men's violence
  • anxiety
  • separated parenting
  • assertive parenting
  • men's communication
  • social skills for adults with an intellectual disability

Internet Video Consultation

There is a free program called Skype which allows free computer to computer calls, with or without a web-cam. I have done a few consultations using this method (I'm not free but reasonable). It's not as good as face-to-face but if you are desperate...


Q: How many counsellors does it take to change a lightbulb? A: Only one.... but the lightbulb has to want to be changed.

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